Climate Solutions in Action Under Akufuna’s Leadership: The Power of Collaborative Innovation

Akufuna Muyunda is an award-winning climate leader and environmental advocate with over a decade of experience. As the co-founder and executive director of Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE) Zambia, he empowers youth to advocate for environmental sustainability. Akufuna also serves as co-chair of the Zambia chapter of Catalyst 2030’s  Africa Forward campaign, accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through social entrepreneurship

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Harnessing Rainwater: Nomayi Hatyoka’s Project for Water Sustainability in Zambia

Nomayi Hatyoka is an environmental engineer who is deeply passionate about climate action and focuses on water resource conservation. She has dedicated her career to creating sustainable water solutions for vulnerable communities in Zambia. Currently serving as a project manager in the conservation sector, Nomayi's work embodies her commitment to fostering environmental consciousness and promoting sustainable water resource management.

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