On April 17th , we successfully held the Closing Plenary for Phase One of Impulsouth: Strengthening South-South Cooperation for Climate Action. This virtual event marked a pivotal moment in our collective endeavors towards climate action and sustainable development, drawing participation from 60 attendees including project partners, students, and researchers.

The primary goal of this closing plenary was to provide a space for reflection and to acknowledge the achievements garnered during the first phase of Impulsouth. It also aimed to foster a constructive dialogue about past experiences and future prospects for South-South cooperation within the initiative.

The closing session was designed as a participatory environment, bringing together Impulsouth partners to share the outcomes of Phase One. The dynamic format of the event allowed the community of partners to convene, exchange experiences, and reflect on lessons learned. The event counted with welcome and opening remarks by the Impulsouth executive team and IDRC, followed by a discussion on the experiences of engaging in South-South cooperation projects to advance capacity building for climate action. 

The session highlighted the results from Phase One and delved into national processes, including the Solutions Lab and scholarship initiatives, with participants sharing key achievements and insights. The plenary concluded with a forward-looking presentation outlining what is expected for Phase Two.

This event not only marked the conclusion of a fruitful stage of collaboration and learning but also laid the groundwork for future initiatives in the second phase of Impulsouth. We are grateful to all partners and participants for their commitment and look forward to continuing our work together towards a more sustainable and cooperative future. 

To access the project synthesis presentation, please click here.

To view the recording of the plenary session, please click here.