The Climate Solutions Lab cohort of 2023-2024 has concluded its journey with a remarkable Demo Day, marking the culmination of months of dedication and hard work by eleven young professionals from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Niger, Madagascar, Uganda, and Zambia. These individuals have been the driving force behind innovative solutions within the Climate Solutions Lab, benefiting from invaluable mentorship, seed funding, and comprehensive training. The fruits of their labor were presented during a Demo Day event held in February 2024.

The CSLab has served as a pivotal platform for empowering young leaders across Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa to immerse themselves deeply in climate action. Through the provision of seed grants, mentoring, and training, participants have been equipped with the tools necessary to develop their projects. 

Gaston Kremer, Co-coordinator of the Solutions Lab, emphasizes the urgent need to tackle the complex climate crisis, particularly its devastating impact on the Global South. Over the past months, the CSLab has not only fostered the development of innovative solutions but has also facilitated the acquisition of essential skills, experience, and networking opportunities for its participants. While the Demo Day symbolizes the culmination of a transformative process, Kremer highlights the importance of continued iteration, empowering CSLab participants to navigate the complexities of their environments and persist in creating solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

For Nathalia Rezende, Assistant Project Coordinator and South-South cooperation specialist, the Demo Day represents a significant milestone in a journey that began with the second training course in 2023. Rezende expresses profound admiration for the solutions conceived by participants, which have taken shape over recent months, showcasing unwavering commitment and dedication. She hopes that these solutions will garner attention from additional funders, enabling the continuation of the remarkable work undertaken by these young minds.

The Demo Day stands as a testament to the ingenuity, resilience, and collective determination of the CSLab cohort of 2023, underscoring their pivotal role in driving positive change within their communities and beyond. As we celebrate their achievements, we look forward to witnessing the scaling up of their solutions and the enduring impact they will have in shaping a sustainable future for all.

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More information about Climate Solutions Lab (CSLab)

Climate Solutions Lab (CSLab) serves as an incubator, fostering an environment where young leaders can embark on an innovative journey, learning from experimentation and embracing the challenges inherent in addressing climate change. The CSLab offers a structured process guiding participants through customer discovery, project innovation, solution implementation, and business model optimization. Each youth innovator is paired with a mentor who provides invaluable guidance, networking opportunities, and support throughout their journey. By integrating research and transformative education methodologies, the CSLab facilitates local impact through experimentation and innovation, inspiring youth leaders globally. 

Through hands-on learning and the acceptance of failure as a natural part of the process, the CSLab aims to tackle the climate crisis while promoting knowledge exchange and fostering south-south cooperation. Furthermore, the CSLab provides seed funding to support young innovators in designing experiments and advancing their solutions into practice. This financial assistance enables experimentation, whether it’s launching a pilot project, developing a website, or addressing personal needs to allow participants to fully engage with the CSLab’s activities – such as providing support for mothers requiring daycare services to attend meetings.