Impulsouth is dedicated to driving climate change innovation and effective action. We recently hosted the event “Dialogue on strengthening youth capacity for their involvement in adaptation processes,” in partnership with the United Nations University Vice-Rectorate in Europe (UNU-VIE) and the PCCB Network. This panel discussion aimed to identify gaps in youth climate action, foster collaboration, and gather new approaches for building youth capacity locally, nationally, and internationally.

Organizers prioritized dialogue and collaboration between youth-led organizations and other stakeholders.

Tarisai Kanyap (UNU-VIE) shared her experience in raising climate awareness in rural communities through education. Her work aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 13, advocating for climate action.

Kyle Ward (PCCB, UNFCCC) stressed the importance of collaboration in empowering young people. She emphasized that youth should actively shape a greener, resilient planet and highlighted the impact of climate justice on mental health.

Nathália Rezende (Impulsouth, Fundación Avina) underscored young people’s role in the fight against climate change as sources of creativity and innovative solutions.

Breaking Financial Barriers

Phumlani Nkontwana​​ (Impulsouth) addressed the challenge of insufficient funding for youth-led climate projects. He proposed a specialized fund to support these projects and amplify their impact.

Nina Seime Bot-Timothy (Student’s Energy) emphasized the need to break stereotypes limiting young people’s participation in the energy transition.

Livaniaina Harimanantsoa Razanajafy (Impulsouth Climate Solutions Lab participant) highlighted tailoring youth training programs to specific country realities.

Challenges in Building Youth Capacity

Lamina (YOUNGO) highlighted the struggle for youth recognition in the climate action space but also expressed optimism about increasing recognition.

Steps to Advance Youth Capacity Building

Phumlani suggested three strategies:

  • Advocate for a specialized climate change adaptation fund to address the financial aspect.
  • Recognize the diversity among young people to address similar challenges across different contexts and countries.
  • Document and disseminate knowledge through serious publications to make projects replicable and scalable.

In conclusion, understanding the unique challenges faced by vulnerable countries due to climate change is crucial. Impulsouth remains committed to working with passionate leaders and youth from the Global South for a sustainable and resilient future.

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