Impulsouth participated at COP27 to contribute to bring the focus to the need of increasing knowledge and capacities on climate action in developing countries.

International fora and in particular the COP, are the best spaces for evidencing the lessons learned and experiences generated in capacity building projects so that other stakeholders can capitalise, scale or replicate.  These spaces also provide an opportunity to further develop capacities at a more practical and experience-focused level. 

Together with our allies we especially support the development and leadership of young people in the global south, because we believe that strengthening their capacities is key to achieving the Paris Agreement. Therefore, Impulsouth, focused its support during COP27 on giving space and voice to young climate leaders from African and Latin American countries.

One of them was Corayma De Dios Estrella Herrera, lawyer and legislative advisor in the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic and participant of Impulsouth’s Climate Solutions Lab. Read more about Corayma’s commitment to climate action on this press release (available in Spanish)

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