Kick off of the scholarships session

On September 22nd, 2023, the kick-off session for Impulsouth scholarships took place. This meeting marked the commencement of a remarkable journey aimed at addressing the multifaceted challenges of climate change, with a particular emphasis on gender-related aspects.

The gathering was attended by six students representing each of the Impulsouth countries: the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Niger, Madagascar, Uganda and Zambia. These students were selected by the project’s research partners to receive support to undertake research efforts related on the issue of “assessing impacts, vulnerabilities and risks of climate change – with an emphasis on gender”

During the meeting, each student shared the main goals of their research and explained the challenges they envision for their work. The scholars are: Gilkauris Maria Rojas (Dominican Republic), Luz Osorio (Guatemala), Clara Raharisoa (Madagascar), Mamane Bawa Sakina (Niger), Najjuko Caroline (Uganda) and Mphatso Tembo (Zambia). 

At the end of the meeting, the Impulsouth team explained next steps ahead, which include follow-up meetings in November and January, before delivering the final product. The results of the scholarship will be a publication in academic paper, gray literature, or a final report.

These documents will delve into diverse aspects of climate change, scrutinizing its impacts, vulnerabilities, and risks, while placing a crucial spotlight on the gender dimension. The submission deadline for these works is set for February 2024.

Impulsouth is steadfast in its commitment to fostering an environment of excellence and innovation in climate change research. We congratulate the six students that will make a tangible difference for their countries through their research.