Impulsouth presents key research at the international climate change adaptation conference.

Adpatation Futures is the most prestigious international conference in climate change adapatation. During this prominent event, held in Canada ( October 2 to 6, 2023 – hybrid format). Impulsouth initiative will share critical findings from two pivotal research initiatives related to climate change adaptation.

The first session, titled “Building understanding and capacity of climate change adaptation through education and learning”, will deepen into the transformative role of education in cultivating climate action leadership among young professionals in the Global South. In this session, Impulsouth will present a paper (still unpublished) with a detailed analysis of the educational strategies employed by 10 initiatives across Latin America and Africa, uncovering the key elements driving concrete climate action.

In the second session, under the title “Assessing Climate Risks: What is Missing and What Can Be Done to Enhance Knowledge and Institutional Capacities in the Global South,” gaps in climate risk assessment and institutional capacities in the Global South will be addressed. This pivotal research (published here) examined deficiencies impeding participatory adaptation planning and implementation, underscoring the importance of addressing these gaps to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Impulsouth reaffirms its commitment to climate resilience building and the promotion of informed decision-making in the face of climate change during these two sessions. We believe that collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation are essential to effectively address the climate crisis.