In order to contribute to our mission of building capacity on the global south towards the implementation of the Paris agreement, Impulsouth offered a preparatory workshop for negotiators attending the Bonn climate conference in June 2022.

The workshop was conducted by Andrés Mogro, climate change expert at Fundación Avina, who has been participating in high-level climate negotiations for the last 10 years. Watch the workshop here

Impulsouth also supported the participation of two young professionals from Dominican Republic and Zambia during the Bonn negotiations: Hubert Martinie, Executive assistant at the National Council for Climate Change in Dominican Republic and Aurelius C. Nkonde, Senior Climate Change Officer at the Ministry of Environment in Zambia

Hubert is in Bonn to support the Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) coordinator from the Dominican Republic at the G77 (a coalition of 134 developing countries) and China discussions, as well as for giving administrative and technical support for the whole Dominican Republic delegation. You can know more about Hubert and his participation in Bonn through this interview.

Aurelius also participated in the ACE dialogues and negotiations and played the role of rapporteur during the first Global Stocktake technical dialogue of roundtable 3, discussing issues around technology, capacity building and finance.

You can know more about Aurelius and his active role on climate action through this previous interview.