Following the accomplishment of the Impulsouth course “Climate Leadership: from commitments to action” led in Africa by United Nations University and aimed at young leaders in climate action in Madagascar, Niger, Uganda and Zambia, we are pleased to announce the eight proposals led by course participants that have been selected to be implemented in the Impulsouth solutions lab. 

The proposals aim to promote sustainable soil management technologies and agricultural products processing, beekeeping, solar powered e-mobility, carbon market viability for small scale producers, as well as the creation of a couple of centres of research and awareness for businesses and to enhance the link between climate change and health.

The proposals have been selected for being solutions that seek to contribute to the commitments of their respective countries to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement, as well as for their innovative component. They were also chosen by the level of impact those initiatives could get from the six months period of support offered by Impoulsouth.

Below you will find the list of selected participants and a short testimony of their experience at the course, as well as what they expect from their participation at Impulsouth Solutions lab:


Mariama Abdoulaye Ide, Promoter of E-Himma platform

Project: E-Himma platform

“As a social entrepreneur, I had a lot more idea about the valuation of forest products than about climate change. Following my participation in Impulsouth climate leadership change program, I am now much more equipped on certain issues related to climate change. By participating in the incubation program I hope to maximize the benefits in terms of experience on how to combine business, sustainable development and climate change”.

Zeinabou Maman Noura, Physician and Head of the Gender, Environment & Climate Change at the Nigerien Association of Environment Scouts (ANSEN)

Project: Center of education and research on Climate Change and Health: Magaria Project Niger

“The Impulsouth climate leadership has been quite demanding and exciting at the same time. I encountered challenges due to the language (English) and the time demanded to attend sessions and tackle homework. It was very hard at the beginning and at some point I even thought of giving up. I am a very demanding person and I couldn’t do just passable work! But very quickly, the courses became frankly fascinating…the good taste of science, I was addicted to it! The fact that I forced myself on the other side to speak English, allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and I can say now that I can speak English fluently. My wishes are that this incubation will be as fun, exciting and full of knowledge! And at the end of this one, we will be able to present a start-up that is well structured and well anchored in our country”.


Livaniaina Harimanantsoa Razanajafy, Owner and Manager of Ikiray Miel De Madagascar 

“The course has been an opportunity to know more about climate change and its impacts all around the world, to get informed about the initiatives that have already been taken so far by each country as solutions, and to learn from young leaders with innovative projects solutions to mitigate and to adapt to climate change. The Solutions lab incubation programme will provide me with the necessary means to shape my project and to properly implement it”.

Jonathan Mickaël Andréas, Division Chief in charge of the coordination of adaptation policies at the National Office of Climate Change and REDD+

“​​The Impulsouth climate leadership course is a demanding course that requires total availability and dedication to learn the ins and outs of climate action, especially for young people. The modules were demanding and addressed the link between climate action and other concepts such as the SDGs or innovation. I hope that with the solution labs, I can best develop innovative solutions at the public level to amplify the implementation of climate policies”.


Annet Dianah Nannono, Team Leader and founder of Farm&Art Space Community Initiative

Project: Setting up a community based laboratory for sustainable soil management technologies that enhance prevention of agricultural nitrous oxide emissions

The knowledge I acquired built my confidence and competence as a climate leader. The new normal sacrifice to study and do all necessary assignments online at times was a challenge due to unavailability of internet connection. Nevertheless, I am so grateful that I qualified for the Solutions lab incubation programme in which I expect to learn from other participants and mentors on how best I can implement my proposed Climate solution effectively and sustainably in my community”.

Rolex Muceka, Energy Advisor, GIZ Uganda

Project: Solar E-kiosk: A solar powered energy kiosk for promoting e-mobility including other clean energy products and services

“Impulsouth climate leadership course gave me an opportunity to have an in-depth understanding of my country Uganda’s NDC and the relevance of its implementation. Climate change is real, we need to act now! Capacity building course from Impulsouth increased my awareness on climate change however it was challenging to balance the online course with my daily work. For the Solutions lab, I expect to learn more from mentors and gain further guidance on business models, and gain support to lobby for more funds to take my idea to the next level”.

Owen Machuku, Agricultural Research Officer at the Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI), Ministry of Agriculture

Project: Enhancing food security through sorghum processing into flour and sorgflakes in drought prone areas of Lusitu in Chirundu district

“The training gave me the opportunity to strengthen my skills and learn more in climate action. It also unlocked in me the ability to be creative and transform ideas into unique commercial or non-business strategies that can help humanity adapt in the era of climate change. Despite the length of the program, I learned a lot from the five extensive modules and it gave me the strong foundation I needed to transition to a global climate change advocate. As the Solutions Lab program progresses, I hope to expand my networks with innovation-driven professionals within and beyond Impulsouth. I am looking forward to receiving mentorship for the project’s effective implementation in Zambia”.

Philippa Hamakasu, Climate Change Officer at the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment

“The Impulsouth climate leadership course has benefited me greatly as it has enhanced my capacity in climate finance, innovation and a lot more. It was a challenge to be present and meet deadlines because of my other duties but it was all worth it. From the solutions lab I expect to get assistance in creating a strong network of influential people, and therefore, aid the growth of the proposed initiative. I hope to get involved at higher forums for engagements through the support of the solutions lab”.