Jonathan Mickaël Andreas has over five years of experience in climate change policy implementation, project management and climate negotiations under the UNFCCC process. Currently, Jonathan is a Division Chief at the National Office of Climate Change and REDD+ within Madagascar’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, where he focuses on climate adaptation and resilience. In addition, Jonathan is a member of the Antananarivo Faneva Rotaract Club. Jonathan holds a master’s degree in business law. He is committed to public service and especially to climate action that enhances local communities’ resilience to climate risks by mobilizing various stakeholders, including the private sector.

Jonathan’s climate action journey began in 2017, when he joined the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

“Believing in yourself is the key to action”. Jonathan Mickaël Andreas

Participating in the Solutions Lab revolutionized Jonathan's perspective. One of his main achievements in the program was identifying key stakeholders who are crucial for the effective implementation of his climate solution in Madagascar.

With the understanding that active business engagement is essential to effective climate action, he saw the need to create an enabling environment for the private sector. Identifying this need paved the way for tangible progress in his mission and significant advances in building climate resilience in the region.

As Impulsouth continues to nurture young leaders, their collective efforts light the path to a sustainable future. Together, they are crafting solutions and inspiring others to join the movement, proving that when youth take action, change becomes inevitable.

Climate Solution Summary: Climate Change Center for Businesses

In line with Madagascar’s national climate change policy documents, the main objective of the Climate Change Center for Businesses is to strengthen the resilience of Madagascar’s private sector by building its capacity to adapt to the effects of climate change. The center will be hosted by Madagascar’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It will provide data on climate change for businesses and will serve as an incubator for climate action entrepreneurship and training.