Name: Andréas Jonathan Mickaël

Position: Division chief in charge of the coordination of adaptation policies

Organization: Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development/ National Bureau of Climate Change and REDD+


My name is Andréas Jonathan Mickaël and I am from Toamasina, Madagascar.

In my country, climate change is a very pressing issue with multiple consequences at all levels and that differs from each region; The challenges are multiple. We can talk about governance and also the scarcity of national and international funds for climate action. We can also talk about the integration of gender aspect in the sectoral policies.

When did you start working in climate action?  What motivated you?

I started to be involved in climate action in 2017 when I began to work for the Malagasy Ministry in charge of environment. I was motivated to work on a special development issue and sectoral aspects of development. Then, I entered a specific administrative unit in charge of climate change. I was very happy to learn more about climate change in this time and I am still learning now.

What will be your role at the COP26?

I will be one of the negotiators on behalf of the Malagasy government.

What are your expectations for COP26? What outcomes would you consider important for a successful COP?

I expect that all the countries will prove their will to do more through more ambitious NDCs and that developing countries will finally get the promised financial and technical support that will help them to implement their climate policies.

Why is south-south cooperation important to you and your country?

As a country from the south, we acknowledge the need for more cooperation between countries with the same level of development. In addition, countries from the south share some particular specificities. It is interesting to share our experiences in tackling specific issues like climate change.