As we were about to commemorate the International Day for South-South Cooperation, a first virtual event on september 9th marked the launch of Impulsouth. Impulsouth is a new alliance aiming to promote cooperation and youth and women leadership in climate action through research and training in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Madagascar, Niger, Uganda and Zambia. The initiative is founded by the International Development Research Center (IDRC) and implemented by Fundación Avina, Flacso Ecuador and United Nations University – Vice Rectorate in Europe.

The kickoff meeting was attended by the six countries’ representatives, who shared some of their experiences in capacity building for climate action. The event was also attended by national and international institutions and organizations already collaborating or interested in joining the initiative.

The discussion was focused on how capacity building can strengthen southern engagement with the global stocktake. The event also marked the launch of Impulsouth research and training processes.

The attendees highlighted the role of what they described as a “very needed project” aiming at increasing knowledge and capacities on climate action in developing countries. The speakers also expressed the relevance of Impulsouth by highlighting that “what really matters to face global climate challenges is what indeed happens between COPs: It is not just about supporting negotiating teams, but also about bringing in the community and raising the voices of youth and women who have been long underrepresented on decision making”.

On International Day for South-South Cooperation, Impulsouth joins the firm belief that through capacity building and cooperation we would doubtless achieve a climate resilient future.

Download the presentation shared during the event here.