We are excited to unveil “Stories to Inspire Climate Action”, a new series dedicated to showcasing the young leaders of the Climate Solutions Lab second cohort (2023-2024), a dynamic space designed for experimentation and innovation. 

Impulsouth aims to empower young leaders in Latin America and Africa to take tangible steps in addressing the climate crisis. Through a combination of seed grants, mentorship, and training, the participants transform their ideas into impactful solutions that benefit communities affected by climate change.

Who are these young leaders? What motivated them to work on climate action? What concerns still drive them? From this series, we share inspiring stories to motivate other young people to act. Each story serves as a demonstration of the power of youth leadership and innovation.

Join us as we celebrate these remarkable individuals and gather insights from their experiences.

To acces “Stories to Inspire Climate Action” series featuring participants from the 2022-23 Solutions Lab pleace clik here