On our road to COP27 we participated at Africa Climate Week 2022 celebrated in Libreville (Gabon) with the co-organization of the event Capacity Building for Youth Climate Action and Entrepreneurial Leadership in Africa together with African UNFCCC regional centers.

This event is the second session of an event series (LACCW, ACW, COP27) that aims to provide a platform for youth and youth-related stakeholders to share recommendations and views on capacity building efforts to enhance youth leadership in climate action. 

Focusing on the role played by young leaders through research, training and green innovation, the session presented a stock on youth leadership in Africa. It offered a series of short presentations on good practices and approaches across the region related to building capacities for engaging youth in green entrepreneurship and climate processes at the national and local level – both as capacity builders and recipients. The presentations were followed by a discussion on how to better support actions required to strengthen youth leadership. By so doing, during the event in Libreville we took the pulse of youth capacity, exploring challenges and showcasing solutions across Africa.

Special thanks to the exceptional panellists and moderators listed below in order of appearance:

  • Moubarak Moukaila, Regional Lead, UNFCCC RCC Lomé 
  • Erin Tansey, Director of Inclusive Sustainable Economies, SIE Division, IDRC 
  • Olumide Idowu, Co-Founder ICCDI Africa, Executive Coordinator AYICC
  • Jabri Ibrahim, Youth Engagement Manager for Africa, UNFCCC Climate Champions
  • George Wamukoya, Leader of Africa Group of Negotiators Expert Support (AGNES)
  • Zeinabou Maman Noura, Impulsouth climate leadership training alumni, Head of Gender, environment and Climate change at the Nigerien Association of Environment Scouts (ANSEN) and member of the NDC monitoring and implementing committee of Niger
  • Roberta Ianna, co-chair, Paris Committee on Capacity-building (PCCB)

Watch here the video recording of the event: https://youtu.be/fAJbi71VqtU