Greening the Future: Meet Mariama and E-Himma Platform’s Innovative Approach to Tackling Land Degradation and Rural Poverty through Forest-Based Solutions

Meet Mariama Abdoulaye Ide, a geological engineer and visionary entrepreneur from Niger, who has emerged as a leading figure for change in the battle against climate change. Her journey is about more than just the mitigation of environmental challenges; it is a deliberate effort to secure a sustainable and prosperous future for her community.

December 4, 2023|Categories: Updates|

Impulsouth at COP28

At COP28, Impulsouth is poised to achieve multifaceted goals. The initiative aims to thoroughly share its project experiences and showcase its notable initiatives and achievements in the wider context of COP28. In doing so, Impulsouth seeks to deepen stakeholders' understanding of their influential contribution to the overall climate action discourse.

December 3, 2023|Categories: Updates|

COP28 Side Event: Triangular Cooperation for change: building bridges and capacities in the global south

This session aims to spark significant conversations on cooperative approaches to prepare young leaders from developing countries to drive climate action at all levels of society. We'll delve into lessons learned from projects supported by Canada, fostering discussions on opportunities for deepening and furthering triangular cooperation.

December 1, 2023|Categories: Updates|

Catalysts of Change: The Visionary Work of Zeinabou M. Noura in Bridging Medicine and climate action

Meet Dr. Zeinabou M. Noura: A leader at the intersection of medicine and climate action. With over 16 years of experience, she founded CERSCC-Magaria, mobilizing organizations for health and climate change research in her country.

November 15, 2023|Categories: Updates|

Innovation, Empowerment, and Climate Change: Philippa’s Story

Empowering Young Leaders to Mobilize Climate Action in Africa.In an ever-changing world, where climate change impacts threaten our future, Impulsouth's Climate Solutions Lab is working to strengthen capacity-building in Latin America and Africa. How? By inspiring and empowering the young leaders of tomorrow to take climate change into their own hands.

November 7, 2023|Categories: Updates|
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