Enhancing Climate Action: Impulsouth’s Collaborative Initiatives at LACCW 2023

The findings emphasize the potential for south-south cooperation to solve some of the traditional challenges faced by capacity building initiatives looking to foster climate action. All the inputs are being processed by Impulsouth partners for developing the next steps of the initiative. 

November 28, 2023|Categories: Updates|

Catalysts of Change: The Visionary Work of Zeinabou M. Noura in Bridging Medicine and climate action

Meet Dr. Zeinabou M. Noura: A leader at the intersection of medicine and climate action. With over 16 years of experience, she founded CERSCC-Magaria, mobilizing organizations for health and climate change research in her country.

November 15, 2023|Categories: Updates|

Innovation, Empowerment, and Climate Change: Philippa’s Story

Empowering Young Leaders to Mobilize Climate Action in Africa.In an ever-changing world, where climate change impacts threaten our future, Impulsouth's Climate Solutions Lab is working to strengthen capacity-building in Latin America and Africa. How? By inspiring and empowering the young leaders of tomorrow to take climate change into their own hands.

November 7, 2023|Categories: Updates|

Strengthening Climate Action at the Local Level: An Inspiring Example from the Dominican Republic

Corayma De Dios Estrella Herrera, a professional who is deeply dedicated to environmental justice, is on a mission to confront the climate crisis. Her career, built on knowledge, determination, and a heartfelt desire to create positive change, illustrates how dedicated individuals can truly transform the destinies of entire communities and nations.

October 26, 2023|Categories: Updates|
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