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Capacity building

Impulsouth aims to equip young climate leaders with skills and capacities to develop, implement and report progress on national climate action. It offers a six month certified online course for 84 young climate professionals from the public, private and civil society sectors in Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Madagascar, Niger, Uganda and Zambia. By the end of the course, participants will propose a climate initiative, eligible for being supported technically and financially on Impusouth’s Solutions Lab.

The training course was implemented in Latin American countries from January to June 2022 and is under implementation from April to September in Africa

E-learning course on climate leadership implemented byFLACSO Ecuador in Latin America and UNU-VIE in Africa.

Addressed to:

  • Young professionals from 18 to 40 years old
  • Residents of Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Niger, Madagascar, Uganda and Zambia
  • With specific proposals to support climate solutions in their countries.

Young professionals from Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Niger, Madagascar, Uganda and Zambia, who are already active in the climate agenda and seek to develop their leadership skills, were selected for this course. During six months, participants will improve their skills in climate governance, innovation, monitoring and reporting, financing, and project development. At the end of the training, they will be able to apply for a Solutions Lab to access resources to support the implementation of a climate project in their countries. During the process, cooperation between participants from different sectors and from the above mentioned countries will be encouraged.

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Impulsouth apoyará 4 soluciones climáticas participativas, lideradas por jóvenes en Guatemala y República Dominicana

August 1, 2022|Categories: Updates|

Concluido el curso de Impulsouth, nos congratula anunciar las cuatro propuestas de soluciones climáticas que han sido seleccionadas para implementarse en el laboratorio de soluciones de Impulsouth. Se trata de propuestas lideradas por dos jóvenes de Guatemala (Rocío Silva y María José Pérez de León) y dos jóvenes de República Dominicana (Corayma De Dios Estrella y Caterina Vetrugno).

Ocho jóvenes comprometidos con la agenda climática de Guatemala y República Dominicana presentan soluciones para hacer frente al cambio climático

July 1, 2022|Categories: Updates|

Como colofón tras seis meses de formación en liderazgo climático, ocho jóvenes profesionales del ámbito de la acción climática en Guatemala y República Dominicana presentaron sus propuestas de soluciones climáticas en un evento virtual abierto al público.

Impulsouth supports young professionals and negotiators for Bonn climate conference

June 15, 2022|Categories: Updates|

In order to contribute to our mission of building capacity on the global south towards the implementation of the Paris agreement, Impulsouth offered a preparatory workshop for negotiators attending the Bonn climate conference in June 2022 and supported the participation of two young professionals from Dominican Republic and Zambia during the Bonn negotiations...

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